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Should I Fix or Replace My Roof?

Making a small but effective decision can minimize the long term costs related to home improvement and this is particularly true when it comes to re-roofing.

There are important decisions which should be made before you hire a roof contractor for your home. The first and most important decision you need to make it whether to fix the roof or replace it entirely.

You could patch the leaks and repair other damaged areas, or you could go for a complete reroofing. If you choose to replace the roof, you will also have to decide whether you want to build the new roof over the existing roof.

You will have to consider all the pros and cons related to roof repair in Los Angeles as well as for new roof installation.

Repairing the roof

If you want to repair the shingles because of wind damage or a fallen limb, the process is inexpensive and fairly easy.

You can remove the torn shingles and place new ones in the space. However, there is a downside to it. Unless the roof is new and you happen to have saved spare shingles from the job, this solution might not be an ideal fit for an existing roof.

But this type of repair can extend life of the current roof for another decade, and you may like to go for it even if the new (replacement) shingles do not match perfectly with the old ones.

On the other hand, if you intend to sell the home in a couple of years, you need to ask the contractor to get shingles which match as closely as possible.

Any roof with a conspicuously different patch will be unattractive and may not inspire the interest of a buyer. Choose an experienced professional for roof repair in Los Angeles who has successfully handled numerous roof repair jobs in the past.

In case the damage is substantial but is confined to only one side of the roof, it is possible to do partial reroofing, which will cost much lesser than doing an entire roof.

When you repair a section of the roof, it will become easier to blend the new and old because the slight color difference will be less noticeable.

However, fixing the existing roof can add problems too. If a roof has more than two layers, they will have to be removed for partial re-roofing to be done. Roof installation in Los Angeles should be done by professionals who have the right tools and proven expertise.

Replacement of the roof

Even if on the surface, only small part of the roof may be showing signs of wear and tear, you should go by the professional opinion of a reputable roof installer.

Roof installation in Los Angeles might require ladders, scaffolding and other equipment. The roof replacement project often proves to be more cost-effective in the long run.

When to replace the roof depends on a number of variables including the climate in the area, the extent of wear and tear of the roof, and its susceptibility to future damage.

After you decide to replace the roof, you will have to consider whether to install a new roof on the existing one or to tear the old one off.

It may not be possible to put a new roof if in the past a roof was already placed on top of an existing one. This is because of the disproportionately large weight of such a roof and its effect on the structure of the home.

Roof replacement in Los Angeles will last you for decades. Make a salient decision with regard to roof repair in Los Angeles or reroofing.

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