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Ensuring Your Roof Installation In Southern California is An investment with a Return


Think of a roof like a new car, you can buy something that gets you from point A to point B, or you can buy a Volvo (a car known for it’s safety standards ). Material is the keystone in making the correct decision for the roof over your family’s head. Wood, Tar, Gravel, Ceramic and Architectural Asphalt are some of the options you may choose from when buying or repairing your roof. 


In Southern California, 25-30 years is an ideal lifetime for roof. Southern California’s weather and the extreme climate changes may add some new variables to that data. With strong rainstorms and droughts coming back to back in our near future, our roofs face eminent stress and structural fatigue. 


Like a domino effect, it only takes one shingle to become lose for the rest to start to fall apart then begin to fail. In 2019, Architectural Asphalt is the state of the art and cost effective solution to Southern California’s dramatic weather patterns and economy. Aside from being cost effective and durable, it is also one of the most speedy solutions in roofing. The chemical compounds engineered in Architectural Asphalt are specifically designed for roofing in Southern California and promote a lifetime of 25-30 years. If you are buying a new home on a traditional 30 year loan and have a new roof installed at the same time, you can look forward to your roof lasting the term of your loan.  


A leak-proof roofing system is expected with Architectural Asphalt. Only high-grade weather ready shingles are used to withstand high winds, the weight and stress of snow, extreme sun and heat and rainfall. With experience in all regions of California we can design your roofing project to not only meet current code requirements but withstand predicted weather conditions to come in the near future. 


Proper roofing can ensure your family’s health. All it takes is a small crevice and the right weather for mold to start and spread to your home’s structure and eventually your air, then your lungs… Don’t let mold get the best of your roof and your life, our roofing installation methods include the latest in moisture control technology. From per-treated shingles to anti-mold lining, we use the highest mold prevention techniques. 


If you were to search “roofing near me”, the average search result of a local roofing company would take four weeks to complete a 2,500 square foot 3 bedroom houseTypically smaller roofing companies do not have the resources and supplies available for a quick and professional installation. Think of it like this… you can order a pizza from Pizza Hut and get it in about 35 minutes, on the flip side if you were to order a pizza from a small artisan bakery you may have to wait a few hours or even a extra day before getting your pizza since they’ll need to order the supplies to make it. The bakery can do the work, they just need a bit more time to get the ingredients. 


By using an established reputable roofing company with resources and crew on hand to complete the work promptly, you can rest assured the job will be swift, reliable and high quality. At Golden State Roofers, roofing is our specialty.  

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