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Roof installation for your newly built home should take into consideration many factors including design, geographic location and budget. At Golden State Roofers, our staff is equipped to assist you in making your roofing material decision. Our roof installation begins with timely assistance. Attention to detail is never compromised.

ROOF REPAIR in California

While California is an overall sunny state, there are different climates throughout the state. From desert climates in San Bernardino County to mountains in Los Angeles County and rain fall in Alameda County, a roof leak and damage should always be fixed. Roofing repair will save you in air conditioning and cooling costs, pest control and preserve your safety.

Roof Replacement in California

While a roof is a reliable and sturdy component of a house. Roofs have a lifetime that range about 25 years. Sometimes, weather, natural disasters or damage to the roof require early roof replacement.

Whatever your reason for roof replacement, Golden State Roofers is California's premier roofing installation company. We service Alameda County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Inland Empire and so many more locations.

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Your money is important and who you select as your roofing service in California is vital to protect your assets. A properly installed roof, roof repair or roof installation can save your thousands and avoid the need to spend on roofing for years to come.


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Service matters. Golden State Roofers values your business and we provide the upmost customer service. Our staff is trained to provide quality customer service as well as workmanship.


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